Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flowers at your feet


This morning I stepped out for a soul-filling photo shoot. The world was rain-laminated; yesterday there were crazy winds that brought down some twigs and branches but (fortunately) not very many petals. Everything felt brand-new, they way it does only in springtime after a rain.

Tender peas.
Have I mentioned how much I love my neighborhood? I mean, the people are great, but the springtime bulbs and flowering trees are why I really love it. (Just kidding, to neighbors who read this blog!) I'm a country person at heart, but this time of year, I bravely concede to the romance of a flowering tree-lined city street.
As long as there's magnolias in the world, you'll find me gawking on street corners in April, wowed by the creamy pinkness of those bashful petals.
This fallen fellow is a Norway maple flower. Maples have such pretty flowers, but everyone always goes for the weeping cherries and dogwoods. Poor little guys. I like 'em, though. They're green.
After my morning stroll, the balance of the day was spent planting, digging, turning, raking, weeding, and just generally working the dirt farther and farther up under my fingernails. Dirty fingernails this time of year are a badge of honor. I'll take 'em.


katherine mary said...

that first picture: just what i needed at this moment. made me take a big cleansing sigh at the beauty of a dew drop on a petal. thanks for sharing your beautiful photography!

Melissa said...

Lovely! It's strange to me that even though you are many hundred miles North of us your spring is just days behind ours. And I never, ever have clean nails except in the dead of winter.

Italian Sweetheart said...

you take amazing photos! those flowers look beautiful. happy spring! :)

Kami said...

I was wondering where you were, but then thought "uh, duh...she's in the garden. Who has time to blog?" Enjoy :)

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