Monday, March 23, 2009

Refashion #4: Baby doll top

New thing I know how to do that I didn't know how to do yesterday: ruching.

Who knew it was so easy? I've been inspired lately by posts like this one on CraftStylish, and gorgeous pictures like this one. I've never had much of an interest in fashion, but something-- the season, the great uncharted fronteir of garment sewing-- who knows where my interests come from, anyway? At any rate, I've been tearing my closet apart, heaping everything I haven't worn in two years onto a great pile in my craft room, a soft frilly version of a parts department.

This was the original item, just after I rotary-cuttered the bottom off, said, "Oh, shit, I wanted to take a before picture!," and grabbed my camera. It was a thrift store score-- shapeless, too-big potato sack fit-- but nice, light, 100% cotton.

I cut off the bottom 14 inches of the dress to use for the pleaty part, and patterned the strappy part after a cotton top from my closet. I sewed the two pieces together, and from there, I followed the directions I linked to above.

It fits, but I'm not sure I'll be wearing it this summer. Regrettably, it does make me look demurely pregnant.

But hey, that day will come. I'll just think of this as a premature maternity top. There. Wasn't I thinking ahead when I sewed this one!

I feel better already. Whew.


Mrs. Danby said...

I think perhaps I'll be needing some advice when I get my new sewing machine. I have a few things in mind and would love your capable guidance. This top is absolutely adorable. And soooo you.

Anonymous said...


heather jane said...

Nice work! I need to do this activity in my own closet!

Kristina said...

Mrs. Danby-- I'd be more than happy to give advice. There's some good books on the subject (which are my bibles), too.

Rebekka-- Thanks!

Heather Jane-- It's been fun giving things from my closet a new lease on life!

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