Monday, March 16, 2009

Beginning again

The ground was finally thawed, the bees were buzzing, the robins were singing. It was finally time to get started, yesterday.

This is the little backyard garden of our neighbor Marilynn. She has a double lot, and summer commitments which keep her elsewhere. It was mighty magnaminous of her to offer us the use of the space, but that's exactly what she did. And so, over the course of last summer, I was not only able to scratch my gardening itch, but also forge a friendship with my other neighbors (and garden cohorts) Jen and Corrine.

In my mind's eye, I'm envisioning the prospect of what's to come: towering tomato plants, great bushy crowns of broccoli, sweet bouquets of oak leaf lettuce. Can you see it? I could sit out there for hours and just envision.

I'm not sure you have to be a little nuts to have a vegetable garden. But I'm pretty sure it helps.

Oddly, pacing it out and marking measured squares is almost the best part, for me. Just like an architect dreaming up blueprints, conjuring the perfect, rainless, snowless world where his building will exist, pacing out the garden leaves me free to imagine that everything is possible. This early spring afternoon, I was meditating on the ideal garden: the one without bugs, or groundhogs, or the freak April snowstorm we're likely to get. But, living is nothing if not constantly reconciling: the real world, versus the dream you hold in your head. The bugs and the groundhog may come, an early snow may kill our first planting of lettuce. That's the chance we take. We do it anyway. On those rare instances when reality reaches the shore of your vision, lapping against it like a tide, well, that's what we live for. It is sublime beyond words.

So, here's to sunshine and rainfall, safety from vermin, and the promise in a seed. This year's garden is officially begun.


Jenn said...

Hi Kristina,
thanks so much for stopping by the blog. oh - how i wish i could help with a garden like that!! i am itching to get back to gardening again.

p.s. i've used the nutritional yeast in crackers and the dressing, and to me it doesn't have much flavor or scent.


heather jane said...

Isn't it fun? This dreaming of Spring and Summer? I love it so. Looks like you do too.

I just ordered all my seeds. A little later than I had hoped, but I'm going to hold out the hope that they will grow to their full glory anyway.

Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

Your garden space looks awesome. I am working on my garden today as well. Here is hoping to a bountiful yield!! Good luck:)

Kristina said...

Jenn-- thanks for the notes on nutritional yeast.

Heather-- Thanks for stopping by, I hope your seeds come soon!

Jennbenn-- I hope you have sunny weather for your time in the garden.

Anonymous said...

What a great garden space. I was out in mine a bit this weekend as well, being teased by the warm sun. Then the wind and rain returned and I am reminded that it is not quite spring yet. Sigh.

Kristina said...

Yeah, it's supposed to be in the 30s again later this week... such is the wishy-washiness of springtime!

katherine mary said...


karenjane said...

it is just so incredibly fun that you have gardening buddies, ive always loved the idea of shared gardens. yes i can deffinately see your patch full of growth and and activity, its going to be great! wishing you warm weather and no bugs

Kristina said...

Thanks so much Karen! I spend lots of time wishing I was living in the country, but, if that was the case I probably wouldn't have neighbors nearby enough to garden with. It sure is fun!

Heather said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! How wonderful for your neighbor to offer that to you ... enjoy!! I know I am :)

Chris said...

Wow. You are brave, that's for sure! But maybe I just think that because I can't make any plant last for more than a few weeks. We do have a couple of little tomatoes, though, but my partner's the one who takes care of them.

Thanks for coming by my blog. This is how we find new blogs to visit! I'll be back.


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