Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Pete, will you be mine?

My husband and I have a boycott on Valentine's Day. I know that's sort of bah-humbug of us, but let me list our reasons:
  1. We have a sincere aversion to all things pink. (Sorry Sarah!)
  2. Once you get past the undeniable sweetness of Valentine's Day in elementary school, what is the day about? Consumerism, and high expectations. How many of us have gotten into fights/been really disappointed with our sweeties on this day?
  3. How many of us have sat at home in our single days and stuffed our faces and cried?
  4. Patrick's and my anniversary is February 18th. Why celebrate hokey, contrived Valentine's Day, when our own anniversary is only four days away? Stay tuned for a sweet, lovey post on Wednesday.

And for all you who do celebrate Valentine's, have a great one! I hope there is chocolate involved.

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karenjane said...

i will happily join your valentines day boycott!! its not our thing either. i hate that everyone asks what you got/gave for it. we dont do anything for it, which i am more than happy with until the millionth person asks me what i recieved! well i recieved a big hug and kiss, an evening with my babe, what more could i ask for!!! it realy is another excuse for people to go shopping. i hope you had a lovely non comercial version of valentines day:)and more importantly happy anniversary for the 18th xo

Kristina said...

Thanks Karen! Just spending time with my guy is enough for me.

ChristyACB said...

Happy Anniversary!

I agree with Valentine's Day. Why should we have a holiday that just makes me feel back I don't have a current boyfriend..that I like.


I clicked the link but didn't see the film you wrote of. Is it gone?

Kristina said...

Alas Christy, the video was taken down. Phooey. Thanks for your comment, though!

Bitterbetty said...

Cutie Pie Kitty!!
The grey ones make the best craft kitties...doncha think?

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