Saturday, February 7, 2009

Grand Canyon of the east

I'm thinking maybe the Weather Gods read my blog, and for whatever reason wanted to grant me another warm Saturday after last weekend. If this is the case, then welcome, Gods! Make yourselves at home! I'll gladly give you special reader privileges or whatever, just keep them Saturdays coming!

We'd heard many good things about the so-called Grand Canyon of the East, at Leonard Harrison State Park in PA. Always suckers for the simple joys of bagels, coffee, and Car Talk on Saturday mornings, we headed off in search of adventures.

We hiked a bit, enjoyed the view, and just generally had fun goofing off in the woods. It's our favorite place to do it. The gorge, though pretty awesome, did not quite warrant the title "Grand Canyon of the East." But since it was called that, of course, one in three local businesses was called Canyon-this or Canyon-that. Canyon Flooring, for example. Ahh, the charms of regional attractions.

Update: still loving my new camera. I'm pretty sure it picks up details that are invisible to the naked eye.

And I'll close with more evidence of Patrick's non-smiling policy when I'm taking pictures. Well, alright, there might be smiles, but they certainly aren't sincere. They're smiles honed in his days as a car salesman.

These photo shoots are of course accompanied by much stomping and verbal threats (by me) and laughter (by him). I still think laughter is the root of a healthy marriage, so I guess I'll put up with him. For now.


ChristyACB said...

Very cute :)

katherine mary said...

i will never tire of pictures of that insanely happy patrick. its amazing. as are you. thank you. even though they're "salesman smiles" ... ... ...

Kami said...

I think that bottom left pic of you two is, in a word, adorable! I second Kate, having known Patrick before he met you...seeing him goof around and laugh with you like that is Priceless!

Kristina said...

Awww! Thanks guys, you made me smile.

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