Monday, January 19, 2009

Cabin fever

It felt so good to get out after being cooped up inside all week. This time of year, I snatch hikes whenever I can, greedy and impatient for activity. There's no garden to tend, there's no farmer's market to visit, no raking leaves or washing windows to be done. The best I can manage is to get out and hike, breathe that crisp air, and rejoice in using my limbs.

Yesterday, we drove down to Salt Springs State Park, near Montrose, PA. It's not hard to work up a sweat on their trails, climbing hills and following rambling old stone walls through the woods. Fortunately, that's exactly what I wanted.

Does this sound crazy to you? Being out of breath was actually exciting! It felt good to be physically tired. All around there were bright trees, snowy fields, and the personable coversations of chickadees. There were tracks in the snow: house cat, squirrel, rabbit, coyote? Back at the car, there was the sense of we did it! and the tingle of chilly earlobes being warmed again.

And inquisitive looks from the resident llamas.


Mrs. Danby said...

Como te Llamas?? Sorry, couldn't help myself.

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