Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter walking

This week brought us an ice storm. The steady drizzling rain continued all evening, and as the temperature dropped, it froze. Then, last night, there was snow. When this morning dawned sunny, I knew Patrick and I had to get out and hike.

Have you ever hiked in the woods, post-ice storm, on a sunny day? Man, it's incredible. A whole stand of trees transformed into a diamond cathedral, absolutely blinding and beautiful in the sunshine.
We went where we usually go. Where? Chenango Valley State Park. We go there a lot. Recently, there's been a proposal to allow snowmobiles in the park. Oh, we hope not. We love the solitude, the woodpecker calls, and today, the trackless snowfall.

I have to admit it, though. Even before we left the house this morning, my intentions were not solely for hiking. Situated conveniently at the Port Crane exit is a FastTrac convenience store with the most incredible, pimped-out hot beverage self-serve doctoring bar I've ever seen. Hot chocolate, after a blustery hike at Chenango Valley, has become somewhat of a Kristina-and-Patrick wintertime tradition.
Peppermint bits! Chocolate sauce! Mini marshmallows in a shaker can! Eight different free flavor shots! No kidding. It's rich.
And, hot chocolate in hands, we spent the balance of the afternoon driving the hills, winding through lovely snow-and-ice crusted trees, humming Sleighride.
Giddy-yap, giddy-yap, giddy-yap let's go,
let's look at this snow...


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