Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sugar cookies!

Ooooo, yes. This Christmas I've been sorely missing my mom. That wonderful feeling of being a woman in the kitchen with another woman, both of you going about your art energetically and capably... well, I've missed that this season. This is actually the first Christmas I haven't spent at least some time at my parents' house, baking or wrapping or decorating with my mom. Thankfully, this is an anomaly. I know that next year there will surely be Christmas times at her house again.

But. Do not let talk of my mom diminish my glee at Christmasing with the other favorite woman in my life-- my pal Alexis. My friend since Freshman year, travel buddy, maid of honor... yes, she's quite a pal. Today, we baked sugar cookies together, and spent tons of time with colored sugar and icing decorating them. Oh, joys.

Festive plaid stars:

My favorite, Alexis' Christmas tree with a beaded garland and striped candycanes...

Here's some other holiday scenes from around our house today:

I hope those who have snow don't have anyplace to go, and can sit with cups of tea and gingerbread and candycanes and watch it tumbling down...


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