Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our guest room

Here, as promised, are more pictures of the guest room. Thanks, guys, for all your kind words!

The best guest room tip I've heard was from Martha Stewart: keep a picture frame by the bed, use it to display a photo of yourself with your guest. That picture is my aunt and me, on my wedding day, right after she helped me lace up my dress. She's a special aunt, indeed.
Baltimore orioles painting by Annette L. Plath. (That's my mom!)

And of course, I had to take at least one shot using the best prop in the house. That's Pete.
The rest of this week is going to be very, very busy. Tomorrow, I'm taking care of all the pre-prep I can handle for my own Thanksgiving feast (which will be held Saturday). Thursday Patrick and I go down to Maryland for his family's Thanksgiving, always a fun time. Friday morning we head back here, I sprint to the grocery store, and work just as fast as my little hands can until 4pm on Saturday. (Don't worry, I do plan on sleeping Friday night). I've contracted my dad to be photographer for this event, so hopefully I'll have oodles of pretty pictures to post on Sunday. You probably won't hear from me before then.


Mrs. Danby said...

The room looks amazing. You did an excellent job. and I love the color. Sending happy vibes to you for Thanksgiving!!
~C :}

Italian Sweetheart said...

what a beautiful room!!! have a wonderful thanksgiving! love you! rose

katherine mary said...

tis beautiful darling! perhaps i'll walk the 4 blocks and come stay in it oneday. haha. :) i love your martha note! Good luck with thanksgiving extravaganza! Love you!!

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