Monday, November 10, 2008

Called back

Nothing like snow to inspire a day of crafting with a hot cup of tea, and a gray cat, by my side. A few days ago, I decided our guest room needed curtains. Thanksgiving motivated me: my aunt will be spending the night at our house. I love how hosting a holiday has compelled me to complete so many little household jobs-- I've hung paintings, installed weatherstripping, painted touchups, scrubbed baseboards-- and now, embarked on some pretty curtains, made from scraps, for our guest room.

For these, I'm trying a totally random, haphazard piecing technique. I took all the fabric I wanted to use for the project (mostly scraps less than a quarter of a yard each), and cut it all into various squares and rectangles, big and small. I don't press, I don't pin, I just sew together one piece at a time, working my way down the curtain block. I can't wait to take a picture of the finished curtains, hanging. That should come later this week, if it keeps snowing.


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