Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunshine therapy

It was the perfect fall day for a hike with the brilliant warrior goddess herself, Dandelion Dreams. We found ourselves up at the SUNY Binghamton Nature Preserve at about 10 am, surrounded by flitting monarch butterflies, restless songbirds, scurrying squirrels, and downright glorious fall colors.
We had a therapeutic hour or so wandering around, enjoying the gift of Indian Summer. I'm so glad we got to have this week. Usually, upstate New York falls take a little while to settle in-- there will be a week of cool weather, then back into the eighties for a bit, then another dip, and so on, until everyone's gotten used to the fact that fall is final.

This year, it got cool early-- mid-September-- and stayed that way, without wavering, until last week. We were all forced to face the music a little more abruptly than we would've liked. I held out hope for one last week of halcyon weather before the snow flew. The heavens delivered this week-- highs in the seventies, clear skies, the perfect days for a last hike in a t-shirt.

It was great to meander for awhile, catch up on girl chat, and share the things we have in common: great husbands, fixer upper houses, Thanksgiving hostessing.
Good times.


Kami said...

Ah, what a cute pic of you two!

katherine mary said...

oh my gosh. just looking at it now rejuvenates my soul. thanks for a fun birthday hike! <3

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