Friday, October 10, 2008

Frog Pond on Friday

After I filled my trunk with produce, I walked around holding my camera at chest level, just snapping quick pictures. I always feel awkward taking pictures in public places, and this was a good way to get over that so I could show you all the beauty that is Frog Pond on a sunny Friday in October.

Apologies in advance for whatever was smudged on my lens-- it sort of gives that soft, glamour shots vaseline-y glow, doesn't it?

This pumpkin, grown in Walton, NY, weighed in at three-quarters of a ton.

This weekend there will be eating, dancing, and drinking with good friends. There will be October sunshine, and hot soup for supper. Good things. I hope your weekends are filled with the same!


Terri said...

I wish I could go....I love those markets!

katherine mary said...

the colors of fall are brilliant. thanks for the amazing photos!

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