Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy flowers

Sorry to have been scarce lately. I've been here, as usual, giving in to the mellow of a gray rainy day and embroidering. I was in my studio armchair, with Pete sleeping on the back like a furry neck pillow. My lamp glowed against the dim windows, occasionally there'd be the crack of a walnut onto the roof (from the tree in our backyard), and through it all was the constant, steady pop and hiss of my needle poking up and being drawn through.

Yes, I love embroidery. And it's funny, because I am not a patient person. Through the few years I've been at it, I feel like I've learned something about myself. Maybe, just gotten in touch with part of me I didn't know was there. It makes me feel steady, grounded, and purposeful. It's sort of like meditation. Meditation, with happy round flowers, blooming on turquoise linen.


Kami said...

That's beautiful, Kristina! What's it gonna be when it's finished? I, too, was feeling homey yesterday with the dull gray day. I turned to the kitchen, which I know you do too. I felt so good to just spend a few hours making a mess and making nutritious foods for my family. :)

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