Monday, November 3, 2008


There's a place inside me where my simple love of making pretty things rubs shoulders with my compassion for the world. Sometimes, my crafting is just self-serving creative expression. More often, though, it's a conscious act: this is one less thing I have to buy, one less thing sewn in a sweatshop, one less piece of junk that gets shipped to a landfill. My slipcovers are a good example, (not done yet, close, though) but they aren't what inspired me to post today.

This is what inspired me to post today. Mama to Mama.

It's one thing to be keeping stuff out of landfills. It's entirely another to be crafting to save a life. Please check it out. I might have to take a break from slipcovering to work on these.


Felicia said...

I just did a major repair job on my own slipcovers. I've gotta blog about them soon :)

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